Ofte stillede spørgsmål



WALFANG (Belgium)

Løv is the debut album of Belgian post-everything band coming out of Sint Niklaas. Post-stoner, post-hardcore, post-grunge. There is in fact a post-grungy edge to their sound as the post-prefix often rhymes with ‘instrumental’, they are even post-instrumental! Whalfang means whaling, and if Løv is the Danish or Norwegian word for foliage or leaves, then there might seem to be a faunal/botanical-sonic reflection in play here. The band has previously been known as Monky Juice, and they have been preparing their debut album for a decade. The track, “Never Enough”, is commentary on the constant pressure society puts on you as an individual. Walfang is booked with support from Liveurope.


Bandcamp: https://walfang.bandcamp.com/merch

Key Track: https://walfang.bandcamp.com/album/l-v

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUZQ_lxwQhw