Ofte stillede spørgsmål




Soldat Hans is the name of a soldier, a character from “The Devil’s sooty Brother”, a fairy tale from the Grimm collections. Well, the soldier sells his soul to the devil to get to eat, but while working in hell cleaning and keeping the stove for seven years, he also learns how to play music. Psychedelic downtempo doom folk. Slowcore and very heavy jazzy art-rock. Horns, organ, guitars, fiddle, vocals. You name it. Longitudinal and desolate tunes, yet time in hell is experienced 14 times faster than on the ground. You can assure yourself about this fact in the Grimm brothers yourself. The band Soldat Hans released their phenomenal second album, Es Taut (‘it thaws’) in 2018.Soldat Hans is booked with support from Liveurope.

Key-track: Story of The Flood: https://soldathans.bandcamp.com/track/story-of-the-flood
Bandcamp: https://soldathans.bandcamp.com/