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You hate your job. That alone is plenty of reason to listen to InTechnicolour. They are playing music that sounds as far removed from (the sound of) their day jobs in dull Brighton, UK, as it possibly gets in terms of riffy-groovy stoner-rock. They do not have much to say about themselves, but their aesthetic ideal is that of playing loud music through half-broken amps. Sounds like good company? Conclusion: Drown that job-hate of yours, if only for a while, in the noisy and colorful songs of InTechnicolour!InTechnicolour is booked with support from Liveurope.

“Represents the more ”classical” rock angle on the ACW lineup. Drawing on inspiration from mastodonts such as Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and well… Mastodon, InTechnicolour adds a refreshing shot of energy to the table. A band that lets the music speak for it self and invites it’s audience to just let loose and rock out with them” -  Jens, Booker, A Colossal Weekend

Video: Big Sleeper
Key-track: Under The Sun: https://intechnicolour.bandcamp.com/track/under-the-sun

Bandcamp: https://intechnicolour.bandcamp.com/