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Their debut album is entitled Mire. What happens in a mire? Standstill. What happens if you venture into that mire? You jump from birch roots to grass tops and back again, and then, eventually, at some point, you slip and slide. You arouse the mire. It sucks you in. You are afraid. Afraid of dying, of living, of everything. You ‘choke’. Only, you choke already, from sorrow, from anger. For a moment, let Conjurer conjure what they know best, let them suck you in, into their verdant, dark and wondrous metal mire. Get absorbed in their PEBM (Progressive Extreme British Metal), and find a moment of … rest.Conjurer is booked with support from Liveurope.

“The british progressive metal scene is flourishing these years. Out of the many exciting names Conjurer definitely stands out as one to watch! I’m thrilled we finally managed to land them on the bill for ACW 2022. Expecting an intense and massively impressive experience from these guys”. - Jens, Booker, A Colossal Weekend

Video: The Mire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTFFMHmzIkQ
Key-track: Hollow: https://conjureruk.bandcamp.com/track/hollow-2