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BRUIT (France)

The French post-rock band Bruit ≤ is posing one simple question: Who are you? Bruit’s music is the music that sound and resonate your microscopic body particles in their circular dynamic between blooming and dying. If you listen while reflecting on your life, it might just so happen that you begin to change and ask questions instead of repeating old answers. The powers of Earth and the universe are unfathomably enormous, and they are hosting your microscopic reflections as well as your cells. Their soundscape is a sci-fi- and film noir-inspired merger of chamber music, post-rock, ambient electronica and lyrics in the shape of voice-over: In the song, “Amazing Old Tree,” an American activist tells the story of how radical it is to cut down the planet’s trees. Bruit ≤ is booked with support from Liveurope.


Bandcamp: https://bruitofficial.bandcamp.com/

Key Track: https://bruitofficial.bandcamp.com/album/monolith