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The art of sounding ancient wisdom. The name ‘Astodan’ means ossuary, relating to ancient Iranian funerary rites. The use of the term dates back to ‘the great before’ – the time beyond the fragile certainties of written historical sources.

Bathala, the title of their 2020 sofomore album, is an ancient Tagalog theological term referring to ‘supreme being’ or ‘creator of the universe’. Ameretat, the title of the debut album, is a word for immortality or non-dying, originating from Zoroastrian sacred traditions possibly bringing us back four Millennia in time to the oldest known, still-practiced mythology, in which ‘the wise lord’ speaks the word of truth to oppose falsehood and deceit.

Such is the timespan that Astodan evokes in their music, while letting their ‘distinctly European’, determined dramatic, post-metal ambient and tastefully restrained soundscapes embrace their audiences. How does truth translate into post-metal-rock? Perhaps into sonic clarity, vulnerability expertise, and introspective soaring? Or perhaps something else that you must find out for yourselves.Astodan is booked with support from Liveurope

Video: Astodan: Live At The Chapel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axYm0I1U5zI
Key-track: Maca-Kasanaan: https://astodan.bandcamp.com/track/maca-kasanaan

Bandcamp: https://astodan.bandcamp.com/music