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Add two horns to your band, and you become ‘trumpet-core’! A Burial at Sea is described as the outsiders of outsiders in experimental post-rock – read this as a positive statement! The intense sound of brass does it’s part to be sure. Their music spans over math-metal, tranquil ambience, and jazzy afrobeat and unexpected musical combinations of many sorts. Wonderful and flying colors are recommended while listeners is involved in this creative and joyful musical plan. A Burial at Sea has supported the heavyweights and genre-defining bands within experimental rock such as Tera Melos and Listener. After the successful EP in 2017, the band released its self-titled album in 2020 – still waiting to hit a live audience such as the A Colossal Weekend-audience! A Burial At Sea is booked with support from Liveurope."Post-rock has been declared ”dead” many times over but with emerging new names like A Burial at Sea, fans of the genre can be assured this is far from the case. Their ability to combine a laid back and almost jazzy stage presence and at the same time being an extremely tight and musically virtous unit is impressive in it self. Add strong songwriting to the mix and you’re in for a real treat!” – Jens, Booker, A Colossal Weekend

Video: Nice From Afar, Far From Nice (Live) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAimOUjlMn8
Key-track: D’accord: https://aburialatsea.bandcamp.com/track/daccord
Bandcamp: https://aburialatsea.bandcamp.com/music