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WHAT’S NEXT? 2022 

The digital conference was aired from VEGA January 28th, 2022, hosted by futurologist and tech wizard Louise Opprud in good company of a thrilling lineup of key industry people and companies.


Welcome & What´s NEXT? 

Louise Opprud Jakobsen – Host. Highlights from the new world - what’s new since last year - what are we expecting NEXT.


The new and digital venues 

Nicklas Larsen of Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies joins VEGA’s Head of Program Lene Vive Christiansen in a conversation on concert venues and new digital opportunities. How can new technologies provide new opportunities for emerging artists and venue operators?


New experiences 

CTO of Supersphere Cristian Dominguez Rein-Loring will show us what’s possible and what’s new from their point of view while immersing us in what we all love: music and artistic performance.


Working with VR

Performing artist and musician Josephine Philip on her work with VR as a live music tool and how it helps reach new audiences.


New business models 

What’s on the horizon when looking towards new formats for music and new digital business opportunities? Get insights and details from Professor, Cyborg and Head of Innovation at Warner Music, Scott Cohen.


NFT and the live music scene 

How NFT provides artists with new opportunities to create and sell their work while building relationships with fans. Together with producer and songwriter Troels Abrahamsen we will dig deeper into this breathtaking topic and move a little closer to the world of NFTs.



This conference was supported by: Tuborg, RMC, Synergyxr, Supersphere and Danish Art Foundation.