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Sound, light and air are essential parameters for a great concert experience. We are proud that all three of our halls are packed with sound equipment of the very highest quality. Sound equipment that has been tested and selected especially to suit the architecture of the space to ensure the most optimal sound experience for everyone.

Store VEGA
The sound system in Store VEGA is designed to give you an optimal sound experience no matter where in the room you are. The system has been carefully selected to give you the best possible concert experience whether you are standing on the floor or sitting on the balcony.

The sound system is from d&b and elevates all tasks, styles and genres in the stunning space. Store VEGA has been praised as one of the best-sounding concert halls in Europe.

Lille VEGA
Like Store VEGA, Lille Vega is characterised by the smooth and warm sound of wood. Lille VEGA's sound system is designed based on the same principles as Store VEGA's and the system is also from d&b.

Ideal Bar
Ideal Bar is VEGA's large lounge area and the speaker system is designed to accommodate live music as well as a nightclub. The system is from Function One and has been specially selected to elevate both small live bands and DJ music.

You can find and download the venue specs for the three halls here.

Store VEGA tech specs

Lille VEGA tech specs

Ideal Bar tech specs


For specific questions regarding VEGA's technical facilities, please contact Head of Production Anders Mortensen at