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VEGA is turning over a new page in the great Danish songbook and over the next three years (2020-23) is offering community singing around Denmark with the project 'Sangskatten'. With support from the Nordea Foundation, VEGA will bring new communities together while offering a selection of new Danish song classics.

Community singing impacts how we experience our times and our shared history. That's why VEGA has taken community singing on board with the creation of the ambitious three-year community singing project 'Sangskatten'.

From March 2020, VEGA will spread the concept of community singing at large and small events all over Denmark. With support from the Nordea Foundation, VEGA and Sangskatten will hold over 45 events, create a community singing kit, disseminate community singing via a podcast series and bring the joy of community singing to all four corners of Denmark.

VEGA will use Sangskatten to explore, update and play with what arises when we sing together. Together with a highly-motivated house orchestra, a number of interesting Danish artists and a pile of songbooks brimming with relevant songs, we invite you to join in community singing with the project Sangskatten.

With the ambition of expanding and updating the Danish community singing repertoire and strengthening the sense of community that arises when you sing together, workplaces, schools, concert halls, nature settings and other unique locations will all be included when VEGA invites you to join their community singing events.

The concept of singing together is already part of VEGA. Over the past 4 years, the community singing format has been tested at events in VEGA, in Copenhagen and around Denmark. With a fantastic response from the audience and great enthusiasm for singing at the events, the ambitions have now been set even higher, and community singing is being made available to more people all over Denmark.

"Sangskatten provides new magical meetings between people from the same region. It will strengthen the experience of community, togetherness and "the good life" around Denmark. The foundation's support also covers a community singing kit, which should provide a useful platform to enable the project to live on after the events," says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, CEO of the Nordea Foundation.

"The cohesion and sense of community that arises when you sing together is the focal point of VEGA's ambition to enable the song and the music to live freely for the joy of everyone. When we sing, we adapt to our surroundings and fellow human beings. We intonate a little bit up or a little bit down to tune in with the others. We pronounce the words correctly to achieve a unified sound, and we start and end together to achieve a whole," says Lene Vive Christiansen, Head of Programme and Development at VEGA.

Facts about Sangskatten
- Sangskatten takes place over 3 years between 2020-22
- The Nordea Foundation supports Sangskatten with DKK 5 million
- During the period, Sangskatten will visit 9 regions in Denmark with 45 community singing events, singing workshops and special pop-up events
- During the period, Sangskatten will broadcast a comprehensive podcast series that focuses on community singing and a community song kit, so that everyone can get started singing together
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